Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, we survived the weekend---
Although this window -- is now in need of repair!
Jerry thought that our dandelions needed to be cut down and so he mowed the lawn, but first he had to work with the kids to remove the toys from the yard, while removing the toys-- Jerry decided to kick the soccer ball and -- well the window got broke!

(To be fair there was a small rock hole in the window already, but kicking the soccer ball ?
Not the best choice ,in my opinion)

Jessica and Shane helped pick up the toys and Shane even brushed his teeth 4 times on Monday ---just so that he could earn his stuff back. We had quite a few conversation's about how Mommy and Daddy felt when Shane was lost, and how there were people in the world that might hurt Shane. I hope that we got our point across--- but I don't think that we will ever really know~
On Sunday, when we went to church I asked for help---from one of the Men, who is a father who has been there done that-- his kids are married with families of their own-- and I told him our dilemma with Shane, he was VERY helpful--- and the honesty and emotion that he shared with me really helped me to understand his point of view. I have taken many parenting classes, but it was very interesting to hear from a parent who has been there, what he thought. --- I thought I was going to post all about it today, but the dust has yet to settle-- I am WIP, Working In Prayer-- to see if I can wrap my brain around the verses I received .
Meanwhile we are gearing up for Meet the Teacher day --
Never dull or boring at our house...!
Yup, my birthday came and went-- no big deal!


hennhouse said...

I love it... WIP!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Shane's teeth must really sparkle now!