Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day and looking to the week ahead

Monday is Labor Day, and my birthday
Tuesday is Meet the Teacher day
Wednesday is the first day of school for both of the kids

Last night the kids wanted to pick blackberries about 1/2 hour before bedtime,
I said it was Okay-- but only if they came in when they were called!
Jessica, came in when she was called, but Shane was a no-show.
Jerry and I looked for Shane in and out of the house-- We both went out and walked all around calling Shane's name-- we were just starting to consider calling for help -- when finally~
Jerry found Shane, in our carport in the boat,under the tube that we use in the water with the boat, giggling and laughing--- Jerry and I were beyond MAD....
Shane didn't seem to even understand
We took away his TV (really it's not his TV, but it does stay in Shane's room --- it stays on OPB) we took away the old karaoke machine that he uses to listen to Cd's. We also told him that there would be NO video games for him today.
He is rather upset today, and we just keep reminding him that he made a bad choice last night--- but,
Honestly, I don't know if he even understands what the point is.~
This doesn't seem to be a sensory issue type of thing-- or is it? Is it age related?
any ideas on how to prevent it from happening again?

Maybe in a few days I will think this is a funny situation, and I might get out the duct tape--- but at this point I am just disappointed in my son and his lack of listening -- and responding.
(Well, let me re-phrase that he listens, and responds but not in a manner that I appreciate! )


lonestar818 said...

Oh no! Sounds like he thought it would be a fun time to play hide and seek. I would have been seriously freaking out!!

Would he understand if you tried to talk to him about how it scared you? That doesn't really get at the 'not listening' issue but it might help with the 'not hiding when parents are looking for you' part. Not sure where he is developmentally, I know my guys have a hard time understanding sometimes why certain things are not ok.

hennhouse said...

I agree with lonestar--tell him how it scared you and how it's not ok to play hide-and-seek unless his grown-ups know. I think the consequences were fair and appropriate.