Thursday, September 4, 2008

First days and such~

The First Days of kindergarten and 2nd grade~
*my camera didn't have good enough batteries-- so I was unable to get pictures of the kids...AGH! *

Jessica had her first day of 2nd grade yesterday and it sounds as though she and her teacher are a perfect fit... The teacher asked the kids to ask as many questions, as possible -- the tougher the better-
Jessica asked "What is the thickest book in the world?" The teacher replied that she thought either the dictionary or the Bible! This teacher seems really plugged in to my daughter and who she is as a person! Yippppeeeee!

Shane's first day of kindergarten--- Well, -
The teacher asked me to stay for the whole day --
I said , "Okay-" I figured that I could help out and also try to point out the cues that Shane will show when he starts to melt-down.--- However, I became the fix-it mom--
  • I helped the two sweet Hispanic girls finally STOP crying... I asked the girls if they went to church-- they said uh-huh--- in between sobs-- I said "Well, school is like church we learn about school stuff and later we go home to our Mommy and Daddy's" It took a while longer, but finally the girls stopped crying!
  • If you read the previous post about meet the teacher day-- you know how I helped a little boy out from under a table?-- Well, this same boy-- escaped from the classroom-- through the boy's bathroom -- out to the playground! I was the one who went and found the child, and brought him back... (finding this boy was so..."normal" for me... it seems I do this a lot with Shane}
  • I helped one the other boys' calm himself-- the teacher, the instructional assistant and I didn't know that there was NO RECESS for kinders on the first day of school... (HOW ANNOYING! ) anyway... I helped calm this little boy who was angry and frustrated-- I wanted to see the kids play outside myself...
There really are so many other things that happened that didn't sit well with me--
Of course, I have to realize that from EEP to public school was like going from an A+ to a D-

But, Shane seemed no worse for wear once we got home--
And --- more than one of the people (Patty,Laura,Elizabeth,Rochelle,Rick,Jerry)
I called to whine and complain to -- suggested that I just let him be--- I know that my son knows right from wrong and I know that he is a smart child--
So, I think for now I will just wait and see if this teacher is able to do -- what our taxes pay her for.
(Meanwhile, I am praying often and hard that the Spirit will help me be the force of change if need be, and that my tongue will only spout... helpful things! )

So, I guess this is day three of WIP~

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hennhouse said...

You stayed the WHOLE DAY?! You stopped kids from crying?! You found a lost boy?! You are supermom. (And I feel like a HEEL!)