Friday, June 27, 2008

Finding Courage Through Blogging~

Michelle, over at In The Life of a Child
has a Blog Carnival,
Finding Courage Through Blogging
going on right now and --
although I can't make the button work-
-( darn/durn computer...)
I wanted to at least contribute with a post

There is such along list of people who helped me (and my family..ect..)
When Jessica was sick-- both with being born early and also when we lived through E coli.
Phyllis Meissner, who was a mother of 4, Foster mother to many, Fragile baby nurse,Avon lady, karaoke junkie,Chocolate lover,Catholic ,and widow-looking for a gentleman.
I met Phyllis through -- karaoke! When I was living on my own, I would get lonely in the evenings, someone shared the wonder of karaoke with me and I was hooked!
(Free and often Super Funny entertainment!)
After a while I found a few different karaoke hosts who I enjoyed--
There was a group of us that became, almost a family unit, Phyllis was the head of the household, Jared was her partner (not boyfriend,just house mate and host for most karaoke events)
Almost every month we would gather on Sunday evenings -at Phyllis and Jared's home and have a bar-b-Que -- a few times Phyllis convinced us to dress up and be apart of a Murder Mystery-- What a night that was!
I would go over and help Phyllis out in the afternoons, she had fibromyalgia and she also dealt with the end stages of ovarian cancer.-- Phyllis was a force of nature-- she was bossy and all-knowing-- she was emotional and sensitive -- she was a warrior for kids who needed a voice. She would have me come over and sort her mail,fill out paper work and take down and put up all of her many decorations for all the seasons.
The local news even did a story all about her Christmas endeavors! It would take weeks to get the Christmas stuff out and sorted, then Phyllis would choose a perfect spot for EVERYTHING-
-(no one dared move a thing--)
Every year as a part of her Christmas plans she would buy tube socks and toiletries that she would have, me and others pack for her-- assembly line style.(force of nature!)
I loved helping Phyllis out, it was a good thing for her and myself.
So, when I found out I was pregnant she was quick to step in and really start training me for the future-- she was AMAZING at knowing -- when I was being a brat, and when I just needed a little love. There was another lady from our group that was also pregnant -- Brandie--
I think Phyllis thought that it was her duty to guide and counsel us-- we were young and willing to learn ! When Brandie learned that she was diabetic and I learned I had toxemia-- one of the first people that we called was Phyllis! She knew just what was going on with our bodies and our emotions-- A week before the end of the pregnancy with Jessica, my Dr put me in the hospital-- Phyllis was who I called to bring me Pj's-- (She had a wicked sense of humor-- one of the PJ tops said "Hottie" on it...! ) Phyllis was with me when I finally got to bathe Jessica at home for the very first time. She was even Jessica's very first baby sitter --
Often Phyllis would have a foster baby-or two in her home that she would care for -- I only got to meet a few but they were so very amazing-- babies that couldn't be cared for by their family, so Phyllis became their family-- and helped them to learn to eat,keep warm,roll over, -- all the essentials-- I remember she even sat at the babies bedside in the hospital-- and played endless cd's --(Celine Dion) One of the babies' was born with heart that wasn't whole --Phyllis cared for that baby in and out of the hospital-- she even helped choose the full-time foster family !
After Jessica was born and I had a very long appointment with the CDRC-- who told me that Jessica might have Cerebral Palsy, --- Phyllis sat me down and explained how that wasn't a bad thing and that CP -- may not even happen--
She calmed a really freaked out mom-(ME) -
Well enough that I could go - after that appointment -to my first day back to work.
--Phyllis watched Jessica with love and care, not to mention attention to details.-
- She knew when to let a baby cry, when to comfort, and when to just hold that baby close.
Sadly, Phyllis passed away in July of 2002-
So even though she knew I was pregnant with Shane,
she wasn't around to help when Jessica had E coli.
She helped me choose my husband, she counseled me in how to be a loving wife and mother, she showed me how to love and care for babies that were born, before God had finished with them.
Honestly -- there were many others who helped me, but Phyllis ,was the one that came to mind when I read the topic of this months' Finding Courage Through Blogging Carnival.
Please, go and read all the other posts about this same topic,
Go to In The Life of a Child and scroll down--
At the bottom of the post you can see the list
Happy reading, bring your tissues, and please-- leave a comment!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Phyllis sounds like she was a true gift to your family.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you made me cry already! What good times at Phyllis' home. I wish I had been there for more of those times. Phyllis was a wonderful and gifted woman! I am so glad she was there for you when you needed someone so much. I'm glad I get to be here to see the joys of your parenting now and I hope that in some way I get to fill her shoes once in awhile. Love you Stace. Me

tiff said...

Phyllis sounds like she was a true earth angel.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

So weird that you visited my blog just now. I posted a new post within seconds of your visit. I was actually going to come over here and ask you to come by to visit so you can see where we are at with our picky eater since you have helped me with so much advice.

Childlife said...

What a wonderful friend and amazing person! I'm so glad you had a Phyllis in your life, Stacey -- and that was just a beautiful tribute to her!

I'm so glad you joined in with a post this month! You have been through so much with your kiddos and you are one incredible lady :)

Faster said...

You KNOW what impact P had on me and my family. It's been SIX years TODAY since she left all us ~ July 17th, 2002, a mere 3 weeks before Kaitlyn was born 5wks early. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, miss her, wish she could be here to see Miss Sophie - She'd totally get a kick out of her! Miss you P! ~A~

Brandie said...

Oops, above one is from me, Brandie. Was signed in under Chris's ID for some reason - didn't know he even had one!