Friday, June 27, 2008


This summer, the kids and I have been walking to the park
-(to save gas and grocery money--and *gasp* exercise!)
- to get FREE lunch for the kids each day--(unless I have errands to run)
I am getting VERY tired of trying to keep Shane close to me--
he is either way ahead, or way behind-- Talking with him doesn't help, holding on to his shirt only works for so long, and he "hates how I hold his hand...."
AGHHHHHH!!!! need to craft and control (the kids) has begun...
I purchased this air hose at Jerry's and
the barb coupling {that is what connects the hose into a circle--}
My plan is to sew a 3 tubes of fabric-- one for Shane,one for me and one for Jessica --
Then I am going to put the tubes around the hose, -- and then add some stuffing -- then I will connect the hose into a circle and then sew up the material into a circle--
The next part of my project is still under construction---
I want to create a tether (leash) between the circles and myself~it needs to
  1. Keep the kids close but not TOO close
  2. Stay in place-- not rip out -- it needs to handle being twisted and such
  3. Not come untied
  4. Can possibly attach to grocery cart
do you have any ideas????

I figure the circles might be fun toys
I can't figure out how to connect them to me--
to keep the kids next to me~!


Anonymous said...

Phhhhhhsffftfttt! Yes, I'm chortling and quite possibly laughing coffee through my nose. I'm so trying to imagine how the three of you would utilize this contraption and the fallout is pretty amusing in my mind. I love you Stace. Patty PS I'm sure if I share with Conrad he will get a good laugh and it might even overcome his back of the truck image of you.

Totallyscrappy said...

Boys are so hard to corral, aren't they? I tell mine that they have to be close enough for a high five. Does it work? Of course not!!

Childlife said...

Wow -- I wish you luck with that one :D

My only plan right now is to keep my second one in his stroller until he's 30... I gave up on corralling Jacqui :P