Monday, June 30, 2008

This and that

The Olympic Trials (Track & Field) are going on here, where we live~
{lots of people,traffic and higher gas prices...}
The weather is warmer than usual- and the skies are hazy--
(we are getting smoke from the California forest fires)

We found out that Shane's' teacher for kindergarten is one that I have heard bad things about--

In July on the 10th-- we have our appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician-- to dialogue about Shane-- and possibly get a ADHD--ADD or maybe Bi-Polar diagnosis-- Although I am not eager for the label, I think he needs behavior support-- and that is my goal!

I have found myself trying to take more time
to just be in the moment and enjoy the kids, the slight breeze, or the flavor of Watermelon!

While at church on Sunday, I got a chance to check in with a friend I haven't seen in a while-- she isn't doing very well emotionally her husband is being difficult-- and I also heard about another friend of mine who is pregnant with her third and there might be issues with the babies' health.--

With all of this going on I have felt the need to just do some serious praying for these people and then hope that God answers my prayers.

I also have 3 sewing projects that I need to quit talking about and get sewing!

So, --- hopefully I will get some stuff done... and then be back to post about it all !!!!!!!

Post to here later! ...LOL!


melody is slurping life said...

Hugs and prayers for all you have going on. You're a wonderful mom...all will work out.

Childlife said...

I'll be praying about Shane's teacher, Stacey -- and that the rest of it will work out too. Hang in there -- you're doing a really great job with some incredible kiddos! (Just looking at those smiles and you can see what a success you are :D)