Sunday, May 25, 2008

ears on vacation,real live badgers, and Joy!

This Sunday, morning as I sit at the computer
  • I hear the dishwasher washing
  • the washing machine washing
  • Jessica cleaning her room with music on
  • This Week, on ABC on the TV
  • I see my son kicking his feet against the chair while he uses the spoon as a shovel to get the Corn Flakes cereal in his mouth~
And I have to reflect that these moments create Joy for me...

I think back to just last night when my dear son would not get his PJ's on and I had to go in his room, and help him remember what his task was--
I made him cry-(I had to pick him up out of his bed and help him to get his Pj's on --- he didn't want to be picked up or anything...)
-- and although that made me sad
I felt like he needed to release some emotion--and he did!
The aftermath was that after about 10minutes of tears and complaining-- Shane with my help got his PJ's on-- and then it was off to the bathroom to brush his teeth, Daddy was helpful to work with both of the kids with love care and attention to some details-- He forgot to remind Shane to get his fluoride. I had to step in and remind Shane to get his fluoride-- Jerry went in and gave Jessica kisses and hugs and then caught Shane up in his arms and deposited him on his bed... They spend another 12 minutes talking-- and Shane still had the whine in his voice...
-- Jerry came out and I walked in-- to see if I could talk with my son and convince him that he was wrong earlier...

Shane said "Mommy you broke my heart, you took the love right out of my heart when you weren't nice to me"
Mommy said "Well, I am sorry that you feel~like I broke your heart-- but you hurt my heart because you weren't listening--- "
Shane said "I didn't hear you say any of those things Mommy, and Daddy didn't say any either..."
Mommy continued, "I asked you to put on your PJ's and instead you were pretending to be in bed sleeping , when you were supposed to be putting on your PJ's"
Shane said "But, you never said Please, Mommy! "
Mommy said "Well, I did say PLEASE, maybe your ears were on vacation." "I am sorry, do you think you can forgive and pray with me?"
Much little boy laughter followed-- and I sat there looking at my dear son with the all love in my heart overflowing, in between laughs I asked if his heart was better now, and if he understood why I was mad-- he said " Yes, he understood, he promised to try not to get in trouble for 8 hours!"
About 15minutes later he came out of his room to show me the "real live badger" that was in his window! There wasn't any "real live badger"-- I looked--
I very calmly said, "Sleeping boys belong in bed, not looking out the windows at badgers-- or anything else.--- Besides, badgers don't have keys to the the door or the windows!

It just surprises me how often the little things are the things that matter to me, and to my kids~
I guess that just explains This blogs title, Not for Profit, but for Joy!

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Childlife said...

'A real live badger' - LOL! He has such a fabulous imagination! :D