Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day --

These aren't the BEST pictures, but I think they get the point across!

Way back when I was 20something, this is what I used to look like, --

I may of been thin and kinda cute,
but most people could of won an argument with me !
Let's just say I thought, if you are nice to people,
they will be nice back...
I guess I still believe that, but I also know that~ God is in control
-- and that really calms my racing heart!
So, Maybe at this point you are asking yourself why..
.why is she showing us funky pictures of the past?
Well, I thought that I could honor Memorial Day in some way
-- that would have meaning and emotion for me
-- and so that is why I took these pictures of old snapshots of me--
I miss looking like I used to, but I am thankful for the fullness of my life now--
I am very happy that I am less flighty and annoying --than I used to be--
I think back about what was important,
way back then and all I can think of is the music we listened to =
Depeche Mode, The Cure,Def Leppard, Queen,Van Halen,
Duran,Duran,Richard Marx,Randy Travis,
The Nylons, Prince,Elvis, The Kingston Trio,---
I could go on--but I hope you get the drift!

Anyway, the past is the past--
but what I love is the current
I am more confident, willing to be a listener as apposed to a talker{well, sometimes...}
I like that even though I have had broken hearts and hurt feelings,
all of that has just helped to mold me into who I am now.

Mother,wife,sister,daughter,friend -- Good things with AGE!

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment
and remember the past-- and appreciate the Present!
I hope that you enjoy a Happy Memorial Day ---
May God bless all those who have passed in Service to our Country!


Anonymous said...

I love your sentiment and I really love that you are happy with who you are. It even gets better as you get older (after you get through the kids' teen years that is). Oh, nice hair....! Guess who.... Me!

Childlife said...

I love who you are now too, Stacey! :)

I had the '80's Hair' too - LOL! :D