Monday, May 26, 2008

Tri-fold brochure

Coming soon
a Tri-fold brochure
all about
my Dear Son, Shane!
  • Please, do give commands without~saying please at the end
  • {Shane hang up your coat on the hook}
  • Let him know what you want him to do, not what you don't
  • {Only use the crayons on the paper}
  • Please, respect his comments
  • {That boy, isn't sharing and he should it's in the Bible, "Yes, sharing is important, let's talk about sharing!"}
  • Notice his feelings and help him name them
  • {I see by your face you are angry can you use your words and tell me why?}
  • Be willing to just let him, not join the current task
  • Talk with him on his level, and soften your voice
  • Are your ears open? Can you show me how strong you are by stacking your chair?
  • {Are you using your knees to listen or your elbows?}
  • He does know right from wrong -- he will share if others are also sharing!
  • Give him choices, so that he feels like he is in charge
  • {Shane either you can sit and eat snack or stay on the floor}
  • Warn him switch tasks
  • {In two minutes we will be at the circle for story time, Shane did you hear? Two minutes!}
This Sunday, when Daddy, dropped Shane in his classroom,
there was a new teacher--- who had not yet met Shane...
----- I love my son, and my church--and staff
I just get overwhelmed when I have to explain him ~ to others--
How do I condense 5 years of learning into a few moments of key information?
I guess that this will be a constant thing in our future, and that hurts my heart~
These things don't seem difficult to me, and they seem easy to implement.
I am always willing to come and get him out of class-- if he really is having a tough time--
-- I wonder am I asking to much?


Anonymous said...

Yesssss, I remember the same feeling upon having to explain my son as well. I believe that's why alot of parents don't bother. I think I condensed it down to something like "he is very sensitive and needs warnings before changing activities which might help explain how everything else will go if you don't do it!" The ADHD label helped a bit for those familiar and I think scared others when they heard it. It was still a brief explanation. It is never easy but I found premeeting teachers to be a good idea or making arrangements after school to meet any new ones on the scene who will be sticking around for more than that day. I love you Stacey and my prayers for you and the kids on this one. Guess who!

Childlife said...

Wow, do I know what you mean on this one! Sometimes I wish I could just hand over a pamphlet and say 'read' instead of going through the whole spiel for the millionth time. Hang in there, Stacey, and hugs to you!

melody is slurping life said...

No, you are not asking too much.

I've often considered carrying around calling cards printed with general info to give to rude people who made not-nice remarks when our boys have a difficult time in public. But then I realize what those people think doesn't matter.

School, it matters how he is treated and the teachers should understand how to work with all children.