Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cake,brake fluid and Pressure!

This is what the cake looks like-
I did taste it, in fact I ate this piece- -
but I don't know if it was good !
I haven't any taste buds that are up to par!
This morning, when I discovered that my computer was being slow and difficult...
I was attempting to gauge how sick were my kids,
can we make it to church with out incident~?
Jessica surprised me by being completely dressed in a dress,
with tights on and even a headband in her hair!
Ah, the Joy!
I got away from the computer and into the shower, which was clean and it smelled nice- - I had just started humming a Worship tune in my head while I was washing my hair... and then I realized that my hair wasn't lathering up like usual--- hummm... what was wrong?--
My dear husband, who was nice enough to clean out the shower,
and put a new bar of soap in the shower,
had switched where my shampoo and conditioner normally go!
So, I groaned, quite loudly to myself and then re-washed my hair with shampoo and then re-conditioned it. When I got out of the shower, to my amazement
Jessica and Shane were both dressed,complete with socks and shoes!
Ah, the wonders of my life...may they never stop!
I gathered the snack and juice for the kids and we were off! - -
That is ...until I realized that the ABS light and the brake light were on-- as I was driving down the road!!!! I pulled over and turned off the engine, I did everything that I thought I should --I took the car out of gear, pulled the emergency brake, then released it -- None of these things made the light go off-- I really didn't know what else to do, so I turned the car around and drove home--
I left the kids strapped in the car and ran into the house to ask Jerry what to do
{I know from prior experience to not drive with "dummy lights" on--
the last time that happened, -- the KIA blew up the engine all for a lack of oil !
Which was deemed, not Jerry's fault and
not mine}
Poor, dear husband Jerry-- he was sleeping and I woke him asking I am sure what sounded like STUPID questions! He told me to get the brake fluid out of the camo truck, the brake fluid was under the hood of the truck near the head light.-- Then he cautioned me, only drive it to get brake further! I went back out to the drive-way to see that the yellow ugly truck and the camo truck were parked so close together that I couldn't pop the hood to even look for the brake fluid!
I decided to check the level of the fluid and I found it was a little low- so I decided to drive to the Dollar- Store to get more Kleenex, and brake fluid!
But on my way to do this~ the lights went off, and then on, and then off again...!
Finally out of desperation I asked the kids to pray
that we got to church safely and in one piece! I am happy to report, we did it!!!!
The message today was "When Under Pressure" Our Pastor, shared with us that pressure can be a good thing and that it can revel character,gifting,conviction, and faith.
Wow, talk about getting a personalized message!
The kids and I left church, our hearts were full of good spirit and we were off to the Dollar-Store.
and the answer is/was -- yup, we were low on brake fluid!
I guess that someone forgot to set Jerry's alarm, and so he is getting a late start out the door for work-- I wonder/pray if the pressure of possibly being late will help him!
At least when he gets to eat, while at work-- he can eat cake!

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Childlife said...

The cake looks really good, Stacey! Sorry you're having car trouble :(