Thursday, April 24, 2008

IEP,sugar levels and parenting-

Well, yesterday was a pretty good day !

Shane spent most of the night coughing, and ended up in my bed-- he was very noisy with all the coughing, but when he turned his head and said, :"Mommy, I hear music, I hear sad..but beautiful music-- and it's all about a boy who goes into the forest-- the forest is trying to get him -- but the music that is soooo sad and beautiful will save him--- Mommy, it's such sad and beautiful music!"-- then he rolled over and fell asleep! Ah, the Joy!

Shane and I went to our pediatrician to see if she could help us --
  • I wanted to see if he might have sugar level issues--
  • I wanted to know if she could help us get an IEP
  • I wanted to know when his cough will stop, and if his lungs are clear~I worry that he could of have/had pneumonia--
  • I wanted to know that my need to get Shane an IEP was a smart thing!
Our Dr. is very personable -- she is willing to listen to me, and when she responds-- she gives direct answers-- I love that about her!

As far as the sugar levels and such, -- I have to laugh now- because the answer was/is so simple-- and yet I had spent so much energy trying to figure out an... answer!
She suggested that I keep string cheese on hand, at home and school so that if I see a melt-down happening I can possibly head off the melt-down by -- serving his physical needs-- that will in turn serve his behavior needs! Ah, the Joy {My Dr. asked me if Shane ever stops moving, and I thought about it-- And really the kid is always moving-- he talks in his sleep,he grinds his teeth, he is just always in motion!-thus the need for food --often!}

I told my Dr. about -- how Shane, may not qualify at this point for a IEP, since he is so very smart-- and physically able -- so to get an IEP for kindergarten, he might have to have the label of emotionally disturbed-- just to get an IEP! The look on her face when I said that was Stunning! Our Dr. was very clear that Shane should not ever... have be labeled emotionally disturbed-- or any such label!

Our Dr. let me know that she will contact a local developmental pediatrician that may be able to -- help us by documenting his strengths and weaknesses~ and by getting this done thru an--- expert we may have better luck for getting the IEP!

She also listened to his heart and lungs-- she said he is fine, and just to be patient about the cough.

I feel really good, it is nice ~ when the belief's you have as a parent are shared by the professionals around you and your child.

And so now the part that I just hate, the waiting-- I have to wait for the developmental pediatrician to call and then to get an appointment, I have to wait to see if Shane can get into a different school than his sister-- But I also have to go --to-morrow to Jessica's school for the kindergarten orientation -- { just in case Shane doesn't get into the other school-- I have to keep all my options open..}

I do have to mention -- about last night~

Jessica had a little attitude with me-- I think that she was jealous about me spending so much time with Shane, so she was on Shane watch...she got out of bed and asked "Why, wasn't her brother in his room and in his bed when she already was? "
My, my such details!!!
It took a while for me to "help" Miss Jessica realize that she is in charge of herself
and that Shane is in charge of himself!
(do I need to mention that God is in charge of it ALL, and that Mommy will give details?!)
The poor girl shed some tears, but I think that she kinda realized that --
Mommy was very serious and that maybe it was just better to listen and follow Mommies-- advice!
I am sure that I will have to visit this topic again, but I think that I made some good points!
(there may be a little sarcasm attached to these comments...-- and disbelief also!LOL!)


Anonymous said...

Hey you! Glad you got a second opinion from your doctor. It's also nice when she concurs with your mommy friends. Maybe she and I should have a consultation.....LOL! There, got to use it again. Love you. Me

Kristi said...

I'm glad you found a doctor who would listen to you. I have used cheese sticks, low sugar granola bars, and other snacks like that. I also make sure he never goes more than 2 and half hours without something to eat.

Childlife said...

So glad you have a good Ped, Stacey -- that makes all the difference! Hope Shane is doing better this weekend :(