Sunday, April 20, 2008

conserving,sharing,and creations!

Well, I was able to find a replacement carafe for my coffee pot--yay!
I would love to have a brand-new coffee pot,(All though the possibilities are endless!)
but I am trying to conserve money and -
-reduce-reuse-recycle! isn't that ....SPECIAL?
Jerry was gone the WHOLE day on Thursday fishing-(I could vent about this for days,and days,
but I am attempting to let GOOOOOOOOO of my
and so I got to spend part of Saturday shopping without the kids,
Ah, the Joy!
I looked at more than one store for the carafe,
and I even got to shop for a new, bra!
I was nice enough to pass along this sickness that I have to my kids !
(Ah, the joy~sarcasm..but joy!) what can I say~ I like to share?!
And so now I must go and purchase more Kleenex!
At least it is just a head and nose sickness-- we haven't had much puking,
So, I think we need to just keep trudging on...
The weather has been so very strange, I was going to take some pictures, but by the time I found the camera,got some shoes on and got outside the weather had changed...AGAIN!
Did you know that Hershey's has Cinnamon Chips?-- me neither! Yesterday when I was out I found some--- and I thought that I needed to... make another "creation" -- So, later today after church I plan on making a cake from a box -- a Super Moist (Butter Recipe Yellow) and I am going to see if the Cinnamon Chips will taste, good-- inside of the cake.
I notice as I type this ~ that my computer is in need of a time -out-- so I am going to sign--off till later today, when I hope to post about my creation~~and just maybe I can tie in today's' message from church-- into the new post about my cake!?

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Childlife said...

Glad you guys are starting to feel a little better too... and that you found a carafe! I want a new coffee pot too, but it's not in the budget right now :(

Hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend! :)