Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yesterday -- was a much fuller day than I had expected
We ended up going over to my Grandparents' home and ---coming home with stuff--
(My grandparents are now at an Assisted living place near my parents}
So, my Aunt Sue is in town from Colorado to help clean up and organize for a future auction.
Today, we go back over there to help some more-- although I don't know how much help we are when the kids come with us...
I got some great pictures of Shane ...helping Grandpa drive the riding lawnmower-- Jessica drove it also--- but the pictures of Shane are too funny! I plan to stop at Walmart and make a few into pictures .(I figure that a good picture of Grandpa and grandson might make a nice gift...)
I was also able to give away the two piece dress that I made to the little girl from Shane's classroom--However, I think this little girl will only be able to wear it for a short time.--Ah, well-- maybe I can find another girl that needs a pretty top and shirt to love !
The look on the mom's face when I pulled out the top and the dress, it was enough to keep me sewing for a long time to come! ....Ah, the Joy!

My husband was nice enough to install our digital converter boxes-- and WOW! Not one but four channels of OPB....I am in HEAVEN!

I am needed to help push our trailer around so I will sign off till another time!

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Childlife said...

Sounds like you got a lot done! That was so sweet that you were able to give the dress to another little girl :)