Thursday, March 27, 2008

I think it's a "God" thing...

Yesterday, the kids, Jerry and I went to my grandparents' home to "help" clean-up and organize.

To say that this was a big job is not really the best description~
Many people in my family have the need to save and dare I say ... hoard?

I only spend my time in the small bathroom, but the quantity of items I found was, stunning!

After counting 7 ~I didn't continue to count the toothbrushes still in the packages,or the jars of OIL of OLAY, still unopened, the amount of things that Grandma and Grandpa had saved was really OVER the TOP.

Having the kids with me, created some problems, how to keep them busy and not disturb any stuff that was already organized.

I gave them washcloths and they spent their time washing the walls,floors, and windows.


Anyway... I finally finished what I had done in the bathroom and we loaded the cabinet in our trailer, while it was snow/raining on us--
We got home and I took a break -- I put on the the TV and happened to catch OPRAH, talking about hoarders-- WOW...
What a moment-- it was clear to me that my need to nest and make homey can go frightfully wrong---

So, to not become worst than I am, and to keep myself apart from the Hoarding gene,
I plan to clean and give away, get rid of and make some serious changes!

I hope that by posting this here,
I will keep motivated to Keep Moving Forward! (Meet the Robinsions')

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