Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy to be BACK! --did you miss me?

These are pictures of our family from Easter -- we are at church in Shane's classroom, maybe not the best lighting, but we were all to-gether and the kids were,{hard to believe, but} clean!

I am finally back to posting..... yeah! (Can I get an Oh, yeah?---Oh, yeah!)

Thanks for your patience! And now...

Here are some pictures of my sewing projects that I completed while I was unable to be on-line!

As happy as I am, this "new" computer isn't super fast either---
so I will lower my expectations until I win the lottery and am able to have the fastest coolest computer EVER! LOL!

By the way.... Jerry let me put the "ugly truck" up for sale on Craigslist ... So..if you know anyone who needs to have a very unique truck in their driveway...instead of mine--- Just let me know!

Happy to be back posting!

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Childlife said...

The dress turned out so cute, Stacey! Glad your computer is up and running again :)