Monday, March 17, 2008

I must be crazy....

After viewing the pictures of Jessica, from the post below...
-- I decided that I needed to make her a Easter Sunday dress--
(I know Easter is this Sunday and I am really pushing my luck with the universe--}
{I used fabric from my stash, and we found the pattern at St Vinny's for only .50cents!--The fabric was supposed to be curtains for my bathroom way back in the 1990's when I lived alone-- it looks similar to feminine wallpaper-- baby pink and blue-- it also happens to be a one-way design and the fabric wasn't as wide as the pattern called for... }

So~~ the dress is a "creation"-- No one else on Earth...
(Hey~ that's a song lyric...) anyway-
- no one else on Earth will have a dress just like this one..
.{some might Thank God for that}
I love to sew and create, but I have found that since my daughter is on the thin and tall side, my sewing skills are lacking ~
I start like any sewer might... -- measure Jessica -,then pin the pattern on the fabric ,measure again.. and cut--- with my power scissors!
Next, I try to sew while she is gone at school--
and somehow I end up with a "dress-creation"
that even if it is cute.. it really is 2 sizes too big...!
I feel like I should give it to one of the four or five girls that I know will fill it out...
although I made it expressly for Jessica and I do have plans to make the other girls something cute...
I guess I just want to see it worn with love and looking sweet---
(I know Jessica will wear it and it will be cute,
but I just wish she was a little "fatter" to fill it out)
It looks great on the hanger,---
I did do some alterations to make it smaller... but I need a more experienced seamstress~

I guess I will just file this post in the Why do I want what I don't have?

The dress is done, but it needs to be hemmed and trimmed some -
- so check back to see the pictures~
Please do leave some comments...!

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Childlife said...

You're too hard on yourself, Stacey... your dresses always turn out fabulously :) I can't wait to see the photos!