Saturday, February 16, 2008

Justice League,My Friend Rabbit, and a Race!

Recently, Shane watched the Justice League and he decided that he needed a tool belt
This is his tool belt dis-assembled!

Saturday mornings on QuBo~ there are shows that are often Christian based

My Friend Rabbit~

RABBIT Who is Rabbit? Hmm... that's a toughie. Better hop-think on it!• He’s a furry, fun-seeking missile• The MacGyver of the forest• The wunderbunny of brainstormingBut mostly, he's Mouse’s constant companion and closest friend.Rabbit is the guy we all wanted for a best friend. He makes up the best games and never excludes anyone. He creates weird and wonderful ‘inventions’ that are a blast to play with, like moon-catchers, pondi-floaters and fabulous flippers. He’s always coming up with the most interesting ideas, and when faced with a problem, he always comes up with solutions that are just crazy enough to work!Exciting, "charismatic", and a genuinely nice guy. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Rabbit?

As I was watching with the kids I heard Rabbit say, carrotastic!
I just thought it was so funny, I had to share!

This morning, as I drink my coffee,post on here and look out the window I see fog, but thru the fog I see runners lots of runners going past my house!

-- There must be a race going on and our house is on the route--- Should I get some plastic cups and stand out offering the runners water?

Shane cheers all of them on, "Go, red, go blue... race faster-- you go fast!"

What a sweet boy I have, and positive too!

Ah, the Joy's !

The spell check feature is still not working...AGH!!!!!!!!!


Kristi said...

I love the Justice League picture. that is so something Aaron would do. And you could never guess what would come out until you looked.

Childlife said...

Too funny! That tool belt is something else - LOL! And we just discovered rabbit on our recent beach trip - I now have a five-year-old hop thinker : D