Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Joy's of mine...

When I was little and I used to dream about being a mom, I always thought that I would have a lovely house with a wrap around porch-- of course it would be two stories tall-- it would have nooks and cranies here and there for just the right nick- nack.It would even be self-cleaning! (What a concept!)

Wake up people.... this is not a dream -- or a dress-reheursel --
Life is what you make it, start working!
I often think back to this dream and smile some-- I don't think it ever occured to me that the moments I might treasure wouldn't be so...pollyannaish(i finally created my own word!, and the crowd goes wild!-- wild with what you say? use your imagination!~)LOL!

Jessica went fishing with her father and his friend,Clyde
from work--- here is a converstation they had...

Jerry "So, Jessica are you going to out- fish Clyde and me?"
Jessica "Yup, I am going to out fish you both! "
Jessica "Hey, Daddy-- the fish on the stringer are still alive and moving--"
Jerry "Well, when we cut their heads off and strip their guts out then they won't!"
Jessica "Yup, I guess then.. they will be dead?"
Clyde, poor guy just shakes his head!
Jessica did out fish the guys, but she also peed her pants while trying to get to the BUCK toliets-- poor girl-- She was so proud that she outfished the guys-- she even caught the biggest fish! When she got home I made her a warm bath and told her how happy I was that she is a great fisherman(woman/girl?) ah the Joy's of motherhood!

While standing in the bathroom and looking at his poop, Shane says,
"Mommy did you know that my poop helps the water to expand in the toliet?"

I am just here to feed the kids, wash the clothes,supervise the teeth and hair brushing~

I pray every night for the wisdom to answer all the questions and comments-- and to not stop any possible learning no matter the topic!

Oh, the Joy's !

Once again the spell chek feature is not working... I will attempt to edit this later to fix the spelling-- untill then put on your Rose colored glasses to read! Thanks!

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Kristi said...

Okay, now I want to go watch my poop to see if the water expands.