Friday, February 22, 2008

Is your parenting life like this?

The picture of this girl,(after she gets off the Roller Coaster)
really shows us that even if we think
something will be fun and easy--
we can often be~

New Ohio Roller Coaster

The dips and turns of this ride-- really illustrates ~ parenting!
-- We think it will be fun, laughs and good times,
and it is-- but the after effects can be overwhelming!

Jessica and I are back from our visit to see the Pediatric Nephrologist ...
and the verdict is~
She is just fine, we will still give her the blood pressure medicine each day--
most likely for years-- but untill she starts going thru puberty
we won't know what will happen with her kidneys.
They did take an ultrasound of them,(her kidneys)
but I have yet to hear if they are "normal" for Jessica or not.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers---
Jessica did just fine, the only time she lost her smile and giggle
was when they took her blood-- Poor girl--
however~ she did receive a doll and some DORA playing cards!

We stopped by my cousin Jannet and Jeff's new house--- (cue the applause) is was Wonderfull! simply wonderful!

Jannet is a great resource of information ~on how to get what you need for your child -from the school. It was a great visit, I almost didn't want to leave! LOL!

Jerry, my dear hubby even did some laundry while I was gone! WOW! He gets some brownie points for that-- but then he was watching TRANSFORMERS, with Shane when we got home-- (this is like the 3rd or 4th time watching this...) Mommy wasn't completly happy-- but -- all in ALL -- it was a good day!

This weekend the kids and I ~ get to go to a day long parenting workshop--- I am very excited I hope that I can retain all the information I need--- ! Hahaha
Ah, well... Check back here to see what I retain--
I'll attempt to pass any good nuggets of advice on to you!

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Childlife said...

Glad to hear everything looks good for now and that the day went pretty smoothly. Tell Jessica she's my hero... blood-work is tough! : (