Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dinner at the OUTBACK, and then~

Well... I knew things were going to well to be true---

Honestly! --- We took the kids to the OUTBACK restaurant last night-- Shane and Jessica both had the mac & cheese they seemed to be happy -- Shane was rather well behaved and he just seemed to be interested in only eating! (Unusual concept for him....) Jessica ate what she could and then was content to color ! At the very end of the meal Shane started to get wiggly-- he wanted to dance -- we had to explain that you could only dance in your seat-- he decided to dance under our feet-- since we were in a booth! Oh the Joy's !

The kids and Jerry shared a Thunder from down under for dessert-- I wish I had had my camera it was a SWWEEEEETTTTT picture!

-------- As we were walking out Shane was dancin' his way out the door-- I bet people thought we were from another planet! -- {I thought we were-- miss-placed aliens!}

Everyone went to bed just fine... no arguments ... no complaints!

Then about 2 am Shane woke up and was in the bathroom pukin....

It is 2 pm as I type this and he finally has taken a nap-- hopefully the pukies are finished for today!

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Childlife said...

Oh, Stacey... I'm sorry! I sympathize with the pukies... BELIEVE me! :( Hope everyone is doing better today.