Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tasmanian Devil

This picture belongs at the bottom of this post,
and it is somewhat old, but still--
Thanks Grandma for the Mcd's gift certificates!

Well, I am yearning to learn

how to get clip art on to a post~

so please imagine a few cute Tasmanian devils posted

here here and here!

I finally took Shane in for his 5 year appointment with our pediatrician~
only a few months late... ooops!
ah, well...
Shane is 40 pounds--- and 42 inches tall-- what a compact package he is!
While at the Dr's Shane had to put on the ...lovely gown --it just happened to have, Taz, Tweety, and others of that sort on it.
Our Dr mentioned that Taz reminded her of Jerry-- and Shane added that Taz is his favorite, Jessica was nice enough to tell the Dr just how many things we have that are Taz.
{The fact that we have these Taz items bugs me, so I was somewhat embarrassed}
Shane didn't mind being at the Dr office but, he wasn't so sure he wanted to let the Dr examine his tummy and such. He was VERY distracted by the toys. I had to re-direct him quite a few times to get him to answer simple questions. The Dr said, hummm... a little problem with attention?-- Yup, that's my boy!

The visit seemed to be going

well... as can be expected until

the subject of shots came up and then~

Shane got upset, and having his ...dear big sister there made it a challenge--

"But, Shane I had my 5 year old shots and they were fine, "

"No, no, I want only to try the toys, no, no shots for me!"

The nurse who gives the shots, has a son with special needs, so she is very good at making the process of shots go quickly.

When we were all done,

Shane commented that

"Shots, suck mom---

I only ever want to play with the toys,

no more shots for me ever!"

We ended the day by going to the library,stocking up on books,dvd's,and videos,

stopping at Mc Donald's for some small french fries and apple pies.

(Thanks to Grandma's gift certificates!)

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Childlife said...

Poor Shane : ( I'm with you buddy, shot are NO fun!!