Saturday, January 19, 2008

One hundred~


I am so amazed that I have gotten to 100 posts
-- Oh, the Joy!

I tried to cut and paste a pic of a hundred dollar bill-- but once again I didn't succeed! Either this computer is being difficult or I am missing something!

Last night as soon as I went to bed, I started to sneeze, and cough, Jerry and I couldn't figure out if I'm allergic to something in our room, or I have just stired up too much dust.

It feels good to be home and back to "normal" for a Saturday

  • I have dishes to do

  • I have blog posts to write

  • blogs to read

  • sewing shows on the TV via OPB

  • and planning meals for next week

Really my list should be about 100 items long,

but I do seem to do better only listing some, finishing and then making a new list!

By the way, I have been remiss-- I have yet to post about American Idol which is back...hurrah! So, stay tuned for my weekly posts about American Idol--
December 29, 2007
Join The Team - Be A Part Of The Success Of Eugene 08
The fast track to the Olympics runs through Eugene, and for ten days the eyes of the world will focus on Track Town, USA. Read more >>

The whole world is watching,American Idol!

Okay, so maybe the whole world isn't watching, American Idol, but they should be! --

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Childlife said...

Hey beautiful! Congrats on your 100th post! : ) You sure caught up with me fast...