Wednesday, January 16, 2008

But for Joy !

Wednesday's at our house are a little different than the rest of the week, Jessica gets out of school early and so I have to get Shane on the bus before I go to get Jessica from school. Today, there was a different bus and a different driver, when the bus got to our house the driver and I were working together to get Shane to fit into the seat belt, we ended up having him take off his coat~ After we got him settled in he kept making comments about he driver, she has gray hair and I think Shane was convinced that she was a Grandma-- she wasn't --I tried to put a positive spin on having gray hair, but Shane kept up with asking questions---{I remember when he didn't want to talk, ah, the old days!}
So, finally we got him off to school and I thought that he would work through the issues. I was wrong~
I went running out to get him off the bus, it was very cold out, and the driver just looked at me and shook her head, complete with a frown on her face, that is when I heard Shane crying.
The driver didn't know why he was upset,
but that he had cried the WHOLE, way home!
I had to carry Shane and his backpack in the house, while he was crying and acting like a limp dishrag in my arms--- He was so upset he wouldn't even answer an easy question. I sat with him on the couch for a while to see if I could use humor and some personalized attention to change his state of mind-- after 10 minutes I decided to try something else. I asked him to go to his room and finish crying, I told him I will set the timer for 10 minutes and when the timer was done he would stop crying and ..."use his words"
Finally he said something about a car that his teacher wouldn't let him have on the bus-- He takes a toy every day to school as a bus toy, but something happened today-- Tomorrow I will be talking with the teacher to see what happened.
These type of events, stress me out-- it is very draining to see your son cry and you don't know why, and trying to get him to work through his feelings is a big job.
So, at bedtime tonight I was hoping that his mood had shifted--
and I was rewarded with Joy!
He got right under the covers and snuggled down, he hugged his teddy bear and talked about the flashlight and how the bear only liked the white light and not the red~
What a sweet joyful moment that was, Oh, the Joy!

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Childlife said...

Ah, those moments are worth all the heartache aren't they? : )