Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Persimmons,Christmas Mice, and being busy!

Have you ever had a persimmon? Another mother from Shane's school sent us a persimmon, and a card for Christmas~ What an interesting flavor, I don't even know how to describe it, good, but different!
Out neighbor's daughter has a lot of time on her hands,(or she just likes to create!) she sent over a bunch of these little Christmas mice, with a Hersey's kiss for the nose, a chocolate covered cherry for the body and tale, almond slices for the ears and sitting on an mint Oreo cookie!
The neighbor's also sent a book for each of the kids, and some other goodies, that I will have to either, eat, hide ...or pawn off on someone else who isn't watching their calories!

We have been busy here lately, and so I haven't posted in a while--

  • On Saturday,Jerry took the kids..."hunting" while I did the most of the Christmas Shopping

  • We went bowling as part of Jerry's Christmas Party (First, Shane did want to go, then once we were there, the only thing he really liked was the car driving game that he played with almost all night, and I only let him have two official games.)

  • Sunday morning early, Jerry went hunting all by himself in windy,rainy cold weather at the coast. ( I hope the weather brings out the animals he is hunting)

  • Sunday after church, Aunt Danni helped me choose new winter coats for the kids, I hate trying to buy something important all by myself, I like to have .... help!

  • Sunday the toilet overflowed right after we got home from church(During church, our Pastor Dave, was asking if any of us were being lead to do something, and turn and tell our neighbor, I told my sister-in-law that I felt God leading me to keep cleaning my house and getting rid of things-- what a "funny" sense of humor God has?!
  • Monday, Shane and Jessica got their FLU shots(And Mommy got many questions, Why does the shot go in our arm, Why does it hurt,Don't worry,Shane your 5 year old shots will hurt worse...)

  • Monday, Jessica came home from school sick (after getting her flu shot)(Shane greeted her with, Well my FLU shot worked, and yours didn't!)

  • Tuesday, Jessica stayed home from school (with puking and fever) (I asked Shane to pray for Jessica and he did!)

  • I re-scheduled an 3 hour appointment with Early Steps to next Thursday since I think we might still have sick people here.

  • Jerry is back from hunting on Thursday night, even if he doesn't have any luck~(yippee!, It isn't much fun being both mommy and daddy!)

  • Friday is Jessica's first day of Christmas vacation.

  • We have been cleaning out a lot of un -wanted, un -needed items ! We already made a trip to the dump and we are planning another, Spring cleaning in December!

There are still a bunch of things on my list,

I did see a rainbow in the sky today, and I even made some pumpkin bread,

Now if I can just get my son to quit talking, and asking questions-- and GO TO SLEEP!

I can't wait for the silence...

Silent Night, Holy Night!

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Childlife said...

Whew! What a busy week! Congrats on getting so much done - I'm more than a little jeaolous : )