Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Generous December Group Writing Project

I was surfing the web and I came across this blog
--- that has a Group writing project, the following is what I came up with--- hope you like it!
The Generous December Group Writing Project

This December, I am combining my charitable campaign with a group writing project.
On your own blog, write a new post about your favorite charity, social cause or helpful organization.

When my daughter was born early, she was only 3 pounds 4 ounces, they tell me she wasn't really alive when she was born, they had to get her breathing, give her blood, and get her temperature to be..."normal"-- Because of all the stress on her system, her organs started to shut down, the main worry was her kidneys~

Because of the children's Miracle Network and all the donations, my daughter had medical equipment that was just her size-- During the week she was at our local NICU, we thought that she might need to have kidney dialysis at a week old-- For this procedure, the patient has a specialized plastic tube placed between an artery and a vein in the arm or leg (called a "gortex graft").-I think that the funds for this specialized and super small tube -- would of been paid for by, CMN!

We were really lucky my daughter never had to have dialysis, but we did see a lot of different equipment at our local hospital with tiny plaques that said, donated by CMN.

Think about this~~ how big around is your big toe?That was about how big around my daughters arm was-- the hospital had super small blood pressure cuffs that could be used on a arm or leg of a very small baby.

Every year CMN has a nationwide telethon, and while my daughter was still in the NICU, we were asked to be on TV, during the telethon to talk about why people need to help, by pledging money~ Although I wasn't in the best emotional state, I said Yes! -- I cried during a good portion of my 2-4 minute interview, but I feel like I got to share just a little of my heart to others, and hopefully I caused them to donate!

My daughter got to go home from the hospital on her original due-date, at 5 pounds, I really thought that we were thru all the tough stuff and our life would just get to ..."normal"

I was so WRONG! --- At about 15months old, my daughter went to a fair, and got sick with E coli, (HUS) -- to make the rest of the story short, we stayed at the hospital for about a month; and did have to go through kidney dialysis--- I even got to sleep next to the machine that does the work of cleaning your blood during the dialysis!
Now Jessica is a happy,skinny, somewhat healthy 6 year old with an interest in anything that can be considered gross-- the insides of worms?
Anyway, I just wanted to say that CMN helped our local hospital be able,
to provide my daughter with all the extra small things that she desperately needed,
each and every time we needed them, they were there!
If you are able, just make that pledge,
the donations that you give stay at your local hospital
You might pass someone on the street today, that got help from CMN !


Kate from Babylune said...

Stacey- This is a fabulous story. Does the Children's Miracle Network have a web site you can link to in your entry?

Childlife said...

Excellent post, Stacey! I'm so glad Jessica is doing so well now - she's such a sweetheart and a real cutie! (even with her wormy fixation!) : )

P.S. I have another award for you in my December 6th post... you'll have to scroll down a bit.

Childlife said...

Oops! I just scrolled down and saw that you already found it... never-mind : ) I'm running a little thin on brain cells of late : )