Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sick day

My dear son ... is sick ---
I knew this was coming on, but I was praying that it would just disappear! ha..ha!
I am not in charge!..God is~great
I am not in charge!..God is~all-knowing
I am not in charge!..God is~loving
So, far it is only a head cold that seems to be in his chest,
but my mommies' heart just hurts when I hear him cough.

although...looking on the bright side...???
He sneezed during a breakfast of sugar free-strawberry jam on pumpkin pie--

and ... it was a very nice... ummm.... specimen! LOL!
Hopefully I will continue to have a ..."bright" outlook on this topic today!

And the voices in my head, start laughing hysterically!
On another note...yesterday Shane was full of things to tell me... [sarcasm ahead...]
"Mommy, do you want to lose weight?"

"Yes, I would like that--why?"

"Well, if you lose weight then you will no longer be in charge, and Daddy will be ~~I like Daddy being in charge, he lets me do what I want ... That's cause, he's cool!"

"So, if I'm not....fat... then I can't be in charge?"

"You have to be big, like a giant to be in charge!"

I might just have to look into shrinking my kids,
and myself so that I can always,...BE in charge!
Heaven, only knows what would happen if
Daddy was in charge, that is the stuff of night mares! AGH!
{I say this only in the most loving way... Jerry likes to eat chocolate,to spend the day watching video's or playing video games,has eaten a ...Nutria..REALLY!--}
Let's just say that Daddy is good at being who he is...(don't say red-neck is a ..bad thing!)
But , Mommy is better at being... the Mom in Charge! {when do I get my pay-raise?}


Anonymous said...

I must say that I believe this is one of my favorite entries Stacey. Either it's the part about Shane's thought process of who is in charge and why or it's the fact that Jerry has eaten a Nutria. Of course, I'm your friend so I guess that says something about my sense of humor. Out of the mouths of babes and into the heart of this female redneck.....! I love your kids. Patty PS I'm sorry Shane's sick today. I can relate.

childlife said...

Sorry Shane is feeling sick... I think we have the same crud over at our place... again!

And nutria?? Really?? Nutria?? : P