Thursday, November 8, 2007

Isn't Sharing..Nice?

Shane, was nice enough to share his sickness with his mom, and sister!{hidden sarcasm!}
It's not really bad, but it does slow us down some!--
We got some pre-mixed cookie dough from Shane's school, and I made up some of the cookies.
This is a picture of what Jessica didn't eat-- GEEZ!
I wonder if it was the cookies,or the sickness?!
On another topic~
I really {hate}dislike~ Lifetouch pictures!
Last year, Jessica's kinder pictures were so bad we did re-takes, the re-takes weren't the best---
This year, we ordered the smallest package, and WOW!
I am so glad I didn't spend a bunch on bad pictures! (I am going to ask someone, with a scanner to scan the pic's into the computer so that everyone can see them--) Jerry thinks I am being a perfectionist-- but then I am the mom, isn't that my job????
Jessica loves to smile, but it seems every picture that Lifetouch takes of Jessica, she doesn't smile all the way -- like she is afraid that her brain will be sucked out when she smiles... I may not like all of Walmarts' business deals, but they take nice pictures for cheap! Walmart ~ Here we come!

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childlife said...

If it makes you feel any better... we just had our family Christmas pictures done at Sears and it was a disaster... thanks to yet another psychotic melt-down - courtesy our youngest.