Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How skinny is my daughter?


This morning, while getting Jessica ready for school,

I went out and started the car, to warm it up--

I got Shane all snuggled in socks and super-big-warm camo pants...

I took him out and strapped him in his car seat, ~

I went back in the house to check on Jessica, and after helping her to brush her hair, she seemed ready to go...


while walking out to get in the car, Jessica was complaining about how her pants kept falling down! --I noticed that she was wearing a pair of pants that I want rid of~

We got all the way to the car, and almost had the seatbelt on when

Jessica, said, "Mommy, I forgot to put on underwear!" (snort, snort...)

I am still laughing....Jessica is so skinny that her pants, that are made from jean like material, but have some lycra in them wouldn't stay up without the underwear to help them....!

I know I shouldn't laugh at my child...but it was so very funny!

At least from a mom's point of view~! [ I called Jerry and told him the game of the day was , how skinny is our daughter?-- He answered, "How skinny...?" -- I said, "So, skinny that when she forgot her underwear, her pants fell down!"-- more laughing..]


Miss S said...

Oh dear! That sounds like the Jessica we know and love!

Shelley said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Stacey,momof 2 said...

When I picked Jessica up after school I asked if she still was wearing her underwear--- She looked at me like I was an alien, and then said, "Yes, but that is private, stuff mommy...private!"

oops, I hope I don't put her into- therapy -- because I LOVE to post about the kids!

Childlife said...

Hee, hee! Give that kid some pumpkin banana pie! : )