Friday, November 30, 2007

Grocery Day

When I go out with my son on grocery day...
I get looks and frowns~
Being at the grocery store and staying close is tough for Shane, he doesn't enjoy being confined to the cart, and out of the cart isn't very pretty either!
Today while we were out, I made sure to feed Shane BEFORE we went thru the store and to do my best to keep him engaged all thru the store,while trying to remember to get all the things on my list, for the cheapest price possible!
I just checked and I did forget a few things~~~
We got a compliment today! ---A very sweet older lady came over and shared that her husband and her had 3 boys, and that seeing Shane and I reminded her of those boys and how she was happy to only have had boys!-- Imagine that? LOL!
I commented that I have a daughter also, and she just looked at me and smiled~
What JOY! ---- Shane was even trying to imitate the mom and teacher on Charlie Brown, while we were bagging the groceries!

And now I am off to re-make my grocery list!

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childlife said...

Yay Shane! : ) We just had another not-so-great grocery trip... hoping next time is MUCH better!