Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Things about Shane!

The other morning, Shane woke up and stumbled into the living room to say,
"I am very mad at you, I hate you !"
I gathered him close to me for a hug and then asked why he was mad?
Shane told me that he didn't get to watch the Charlie Brown, Christmas Story on TV, last night!
I explained that I didn't like hearing I hate you, and that instead he should say I'm angry. Then I explained that he had already seen the Charlie Brown, Special-- and it would of been past his bedtime.
Just a moment later, Daddy came out ready to take Jessica to school and Shane's first words to him were, "Daddy, you broke my heart! I wanted to watch Charlie Brown, and you didn't let me!" Daddy explained much like I did about why no one watched the Special.

Last week Shane got upset while on the bus, he wanted a toy from school and so while getting on the bus he was kicking and fighting ~he even threw a toy at her and said I hate you!--
I wonder if the next time he gets mad at the driver-- will he say, you broke my heart?
{This driver hasn't been very receptive to learning how to deal with Shane, so I am trying to be forgiving and patient!}(I am praying that she will answer his with something nice, and not laugh at my son!)

Shane loves to eat frozen peas (go figure?!) anyway last night he was happily eating his dinner, complete with frozen peas, and he complimented me on dinner--(whohooo!)
He took his peas and started to create the outline of a dinosaur on his highchair tray! I didn't have any batteries for the camera, so I didn't get a picture~ but he was busy telling me the name of the dinosaur, and that the dinosaur ate, crocodiles, and alligators!
I was so impressed, usually his drawings don't look like much-- but this creation really did look like a dinosaur!

Now, as I type this Shane wants a computer just for him that only costs $3 bucks! and that EVERYTHING should cost just $3 bucks!

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