Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogs of others~

I like to surf the web, when I have time and when I don't have time~

Lately I have been looking to read
other peoples' blogs,(people who I haven't met in real life)
~ I like to read about other people--
it's like people watching at home!
(instead of watching people out public!)

Some of the blogs I have come across are obnoxious, some are heartfelt, some are just shopping for attention, some have a message.

Mine, tends to be a bit messy and eclectic~ but I do hope that as this evolves, it may morph into a picture of what I mean when I say, Not for Profit, but for Joy! I don't even have a picture of that... in my head, but I do like to think that someone out there--will one day be interested in what I do manage to post~
I hope that people use a flexible ruler to see me and how I write about my life.

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Anonymous said...

Childlife said...

Ruler? What ruler?? I just come here for the "Joy" part and you've got it in spades lady! ; )