Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still Sick

Jessica is still sick with the yuckies! --
but she really is so very sweet about it

Mommy, may I have some Gatorade ice cubes?

Mommy, can you get me a warm washcloth?

And Shane, he is being a good little brother, I even got him to pray to ask for Jessica to feel better!

I called the pediatrician, and talked with the nurse-- after I explained all the symptoms and what I was doing to combat them, she said I was on the right track! So, we are just trying to be patient and wait out this sickness!

At least I am saving gas, by not taking Jessica to and from school everyday!-- ha--

Can I just take a quick moment to complain?---
I really hate that we are at War, it makes me sad for so many reasons--all the lives lost,all the families apart. War affects everything, I wonder if our "Representatives" understand just how much this War is costing the everyday American?
If the war-torn countries all around the world got together I bet they might look back in hind-sight and say, we should of tried diplomacy!
coulda, woulda, shoulda, tried something ELSE!

It's costing this household too much money, from our gas bill to the grocery bill!
Please ....STOP the WAR!

Thanks for letting me vent!


jcbce said...

Hope you guys all get better soon! That is so cute that Shane prays for his sister.

Anonymous said...

childlife said...

So sorry to hear Jessica is still sick... hope you guys are all better soon!