Friday, November 2, 2007

Drying off-- Sewing it up!

do you find it hard, to keep the hair in your head?

Last night the toilet overflowed, my dear husband forgot what a plunger looks like, until I pointed it out to him...
This morning my dear son, hijacked the bathtub... ! His sister was supposed to be getting clean, but he thought that she needed some company so, he jumped in... -- and he truly did JUMP in.. !!AGH!
[did I mention that he hit her on the back and left red marks,
because she wouldn't listen to his words?]
I was waiting for the towels to dry ~~~
since my dryer is moving slow this morning, I had to use the same towel for both kids, (not something I like doing, but the only other option was to let someone, air dry!)
Then, I asked Shane to please, put underwear on and a shirt, [most of his pants are also in the dryer...] and he kept arguing with me about how he didn't want to go outside-
and he didn't want to not look cool, so he wasn't going to wear any of his shirts!
Finally, he now has his shirt on his body, but I hear him complaining from his room that he doesn't want Anybody to see his nakedness... ---He just appeared wearing a long sleeved shirt, and ---shorts! Geeez!
Did I really sign up for this roller coaster?
I don't remember reading this list of things--- isn't this false advertising????
I try to keep humor moving me along... but --
am I the only person who knows where everybodys' socks are?...
am I the only person who knows that it is a blessing each day that the hair on my head stays there...
I like reading Rocks in my Dryer, but ... I have rocks in my head---
does anyone have a solution for me?--
I wonder if the voices that are in my head can take over and have better results?
where is that satin lining?---
maybe I'll get a hug and a love to sew up the break in my reality!

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