Friday, November 2, 2007

Salmon,Sarcasm,and Stars

My dear many things
Recently, he went fishing and caught some salmon, he filleted up the salmon, soaked it a homemade salmon brine, and then smoked it on the bbq-er. This is a picture of him cooking the salmon with the kids "helping...." Shane set his chair down and then was up wandering around the yard, then he came back to the chair picked it up moved it and then sat down, at the same moment his sister attempted to sit down in the chair...instead she ended up on the ground...I wish I could of gotten that picture!

Jerry took the kids and I to eat out for lunch,
and while the kids were...taking forever to eat, I took this picture of him...

And, he claims to be the head of the household! ---AGH! (sarcasm)

[I really do love him... honest,!]

After we were done eating he took us home,
and .... he let me leave him ALL ALONE with the kids!!!!
---- WWOWW! This doesn't happen very often ~

I was on a mission for church,
I have been asked to find a shiny,glittery, star
and put it on the palm of a black satin glove,
I went to
...Hirons, Walmart, Joann's, Rite Aid,
Michael's, Ben Franklin, Big Lots, The Dollar Store...
I am DONE! ---- I was very nice to be alone to go to all these places,
but none had what I needed
I am taking suggestions...!
I need to keep the cost down,
and they need to be fairly easy to create,
I have 7 pairs to do
They will be worn during a Christmas program, where the 4th and 5th grader girls will be dancing--so they need to be flexible, but stunning!
I thought about paper,or glitter glue, fabric paint ~I even thought about creating my own applique, but none of those ideas seem to be quick and stunning.I need these to look nicely done, and most of my creations are usually --not -perfect!

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