Thursday, November 1, 2007

Book Reviews

I have been meaning to post all about my recent reading,
but with Halloween, and Parent-Teacher conference's--
I am only now getting it done!
so, here is the short version ~
Quirky Kids by Perri Klass, M.D. and Eileen Costello

This was a very good read, the beginning had a lot of real parents commenting on their child and all the trials that come with a special needs child. It was easy to read, and not so full of jargon that a "normal" parent couldn't read! Towards the back of the book there were chapters on each different stages of life, I will have to check this our again when the kids are older. VERY GOOD BOOK!

The Everything Parent's guide to Children with Autism

by Adelle Jameson Tilton

This was another good read, lots of information. I wanted to highlight sections of this and take notes/or journal! Very informative!

Understanding Your Child with Special Needs

by Pamela Bartram

This was an okay book, but since I am not from England, some of the ideas and suggestions just sounded odd to me!(no offense meant!)

Special Diets for Special Kids by Lisa Lewis

This was AWESOME... there were recipes that were amazing...

I didn't cook any of the food,(I didn't have the special foods on hand)

There were really neat recipes for cool and fun food, Lollipops,Chocolate syrup,Mock cheese,Corn free Marshmallows--and TONS more.There was a lot of other information also, how to find ingredients, more information on the different needs of different disorders.

I have not yet decided to convert our diet to casein-free or any of the other listed, but this book would be a great starting point for someone interested in using a diet to help a special needs kid, get the best quality life possible!

So, anyway that is my two cents and then some..

on the books I read mostly thru to the end!

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