Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Free to Be You and Me

My mom let me listen to this when I was a child, I found it the other day on a trip to the library-- it is really very sweet-- a little dated, but mostly good messages !
My personal favorite is the spoken word track #6 by, Carol Channing~

Free to Be You and Me~

Marlo Thomas and Friends in a wonderful collection of stories and songs. Organized by Marlo Thomas, this CD also includes hilarious tracks from Carol Channing, Alan Alda, Mel Brooks, Rosie Grier, and more.
Tracks are balanced between songs, stories and poems.
Free To Be...You And Me I think of Marlo Thomas first as "That Girl" and then as Danny's daughter and tireless worker for St. Jude's Hospital. This album is her project from 1972 that included an amazing list of names and some really great tracks. Free to Be... You and Me has recently been re-released by Sony/Legacy. Marlo Thomas and Friends also released Thanks and Giving in the last few years - a sort of sequel to Free to Be... You and Me.
The tracks made me laugh and cry. I suspect this will appeal to all but may be especially sentimental for adults who were kids of the 60s/70s. Today's kids will like the CD but they won't 'get' the full effect of Rosie Grier singing "It's All Right To Cry." Other tracks have true classic appeal. These include Carol Channing's (spoken) "Housework" and a comic dialogue between Marlo Thomas and Mel Brooks called "Boy Meets Girl."

Track Listing
Free To Be You And Me - The New Seekers
Boy Meets Girl - Mel Brooks and Marlo Thomas
When We Grow Up - Diana Ross
Don't Dress Your Cat In An Apron - Billy De Wolfe
Parents Are People - Harry Belafonte and Marlo Thomas
Housework - Carol Channing
Helping - Tom Smothers
Ladies First - Marlo Thomas
Dudley Pippin And The Principal - Billy De Wolfe, Marko Thomas, Bobby Morse
It's All Right To Cry - Rosey Grier
Sisters And Brothers - Sisters and Brothers
My Dog Is A Plumber - Dick Cavett
William's Doll - Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas
Atalanta - Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas
Grandma - Diana Sands
Girl Land - Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones
Dudley Pippin And His No-Friend - Bobby Morse and Marlo Thomas
Glad To Have A Friend Like You - Marlo Thomas
Free To Be...You And Me - The New Seekers
Notes:"Helping" is a favorite Shel Silverstein poem done by Tom Smothers.
"William's Doll" - I had no clue that Alan Alda could sing. Neat song too.
"Ladies First" also reminds me of a Shel Silverstein piece

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