Thursday, October 11, 2007

Parenting in the rain, and tears...

When my kids were little, I often found myself crying or holding back the tears-- a lot of that was from all of the hormones that Mommies have, but I do think it was that I felt so proud and encouraged that they were here, with me, What a treasure!

Now that they are older the tears don't come as often !!!!
But when they do, get me a box of Kleenex and give me an hour or so!

It has been raining this week and I do enjoy the rain, but there are times when I get the kids chanting, Rain, Rain go away... come again another day, and often the kids will take the time to pray and ask that the rain will just stop and come another day!

Last night I was talking with my big brother on the phone, and the topic was the new baby expected in February. We were talking about the choices that his wife was making about the babies room, colors and styles and such.
I laughed when my brother just mentioned that he wanted a leather couch... I still laugh... -- I love you my big, brother... !!! I love my sister-in-law also...!
My brother and sister-in-law thrive on cleanliness and order. I know that having kids is a messy, messy job, and although I know I am not a great cleaner,for me... having kids is more about getting thru the day, then it is about keeping every one clean...

Is there a connection between, rain,tears, and keeping kids clean--? I think there is ...
I think that no matter how much you plan, having a child is never how you thought, and if it does turn out like you thought, just wait a while and you WILL be surprised again..and again. This statement could be applied to the weather, the rain, and tears~

Since my kids are both different than ..."regular kids", I view my parenting in a different light, sometimes the greatest view of my kids is when they are sleeping, or when they aren't aware I'm watching, sometimes my moments of Joy are when I have to explain, yet again that my son is faced each day with extra challenges, or I have to talk with my daughter about, treating others with love,care, and kindness is a have to and not just a should, no matter what the crime.

Life &Parenting is such a challenge, but Letting go and Letting God, really helps me,; All the parenting classes in the world don't change that you as a parent must change also -- I think that is the toughest thing of all !
Kids are a blessing, and God has a plan for each of us, Let us not forget that we are only here to guide them and show them a good path.

It is a struggle to value each moment, good and bad, but the challenge is to know that ANY moment has value. Just as ANY child has value, because they are precious in HIS sight, not to mention ... the parents' sight!

Ah, well,. I guess this blog is morphing into a soap box,
I hope that by reading it,
it helps you
make the values you hold,
part of the changes you make !

If only the Mom's, and Dad's of the world
could use all the tears they shed as power,
Power to be the best Mom they can !

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childlife said...

Not sure what happened... I commented on this one a few days ago and my comment is gone : (

Well, basically what I said in it was that I think you're a super Mommy! I think that the tears we shed are well spent - ultimately making us stronger under the realization that we can't do it on our own. Lots of hugs and prayers for you this week!