Thursday, October 11, 2007

Boys, such creatures,but lovable still!

turned out to be different
than what I thought it would be like...

Shane figured out how to make and eat his own, open-faced pb&j sandwhich...

We got a visit from my two step-sons' Brandon and Wesley...
both of the boys have jobs...YIPEEEE!!!

Brandon works at a Jack-in-the-box
and Wesley will start soon working at the Post Office!(I have done the same job that Wesley just signed up for, when I was in my 20's...)

It was just neat to see that both
boys were trying to make
good choices in their lives.
Now that I read what I have written this seems like a family up-date as opposed to a blog entry....
ah, well..!
My family knows I just like to ...Share

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JaniceNW said...

I wish my 19yo son would make such good choices. Nice that you enjoy your stepsons! Thanks for visiting my blog today!!!