Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm on my soap-box !

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So, there are a ton of things on the news today;

and a few of them are topics, near and dear to my heart~

Each morning I try to watch Good Morning America, to see if I can learn more about what other people are doing. Often I am just interested in hearing some adult conversation.;!

I have cut and pasted from the GMA website, and then added my own comments~
critics complain( i am a critic...not enough testing and regulating is being done!!!!)
that every lot of processed meat should be tested, which is something not required today.
What Consumers Should Do
If you find any of the recalled meat in your freezer, the safest thing to do is throw it away. Of the nine brands recalled, the ones affected have a sell-by date between Sept. 25, 2007, and Sept. 25, 2008, along with a package number of 9748 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
The food recall is the latest in a rash of E. coli-related callbacks this year, including tainted spinach and salad mixes.
The USDA said it is unable to explain why there have been so many outbreaks!!!!!!!
I feel that the USDA and other regulating agencies don't believe that E coli is a worthwhile contaminate to be testing for. When my daughter had E coli, it took about a week just to know that she had E coli, and it was another day or two to find out that she had the same version as all the other kids in our group.

It just really frustrates me

  • that the regulating agencies don't have more ways to test for E coli--
  • unless your Dr is paying attention, you can go undiagnosed for a week or so.
  • treatment for E coli hasn't changed much since E coli was first discovered

Many of the things I learned about,E coli would make your heart break,only the most fragile tend to get it,{the very old or very young}there really isn't a treatment for E coli, the Dr's just try to help your body deal with the disease.You can get it more than once, and it just doesn't affect you for a week or two, sometimes the effects are life-long.

With all the things in the news about the toy re-calls,the bagged lettuce & spinach,and the beef, I just worry that we are not only fighting a war away from home~

but we are also fighting a war here at home

gas prices are OVER the Moon,

just take a look at your grocery bill!!

I know that things are said to be safer now, that we have new and improved technology,{do we really need the iPhone?} but have we forgotten how to care for our neighbor, to know where our food is from, how our food is prepared?

I remember just after 911 there was this rush to be at home and with your family to really spend your energy sharing time with your loved ones, heck I even tried to make some homemade marshmellows, -- what a joke that was, homemade marshmallow's take time,patience, and other things that I just don't have!

Check out the GMA website about the girls that are Special Needs, cheerleaders,

what a awesome story!

Well, thanks for reading my on-going drivel

about why I get freaked out !

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