Sunday, September 30, 2007

Find Joy, where you can...

My Joy today is~
the beautiful colors outside, because of the rain
~(not to mention the smell of the rain! yumm! )
keeping the puke in the bucket!
My prayer is that only one of us has to use the bucket!

--- Shane didn't seem to feel very well this morning,
and so we are staying home and trying to fight off the sickies!
  • I had such plans today:
  • going to church
  • dropping off the heat able socks for my mother-in-law --
  • visit the library (again)
  • wash the car...
  • wash more dishes
  • wash more laundry
  • plan clothes for kids -- school tomorrow
Ah, well... we have soup in the cupboard and
...I get to catch up on the dishes and laundry! yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppeeeeeeeeee
I wish there was an icon, or something to show , sarcasm-- but then I imagine that most of you understand my~ random sarcastic thoughts?
Jessica tried a grapefruit this morning, and she seemed to like it---she did however have some (Splenda) aka : fake sugar to sprinkle on top.{most of the time Jessica is not interested in eating much of anything, so when she did say Yes ! to eating the grapefruit, I was willing to let her have it anyway she wanted!}

The kids are watching one of the videos from the library this one is all about YOGA--- it seems to be calming--
should I be nervous that the YOGA will create more puking?--
Stay Tuned for more non-essential information -- including TMI...(too much information)
I am currently reading Saving Graces, by Elizabeth Edwards
~ I am only to chapter 5 but this seems to be a good read.
Mrs. Edwards,is an every mom--she just keeps moving along and making the best of everything.

Other people I know...( ) have blogs that seem to be more organized and each post seems to really have a message !
Since this is a NEW blog, -- don't expect much!
LOL and then when I do get better at creating the posts,
I'll accept praise then! LOL!


childlife said...

Ha! You are too funny ( and very sweet ) to refer to my psychotic ramblings as organized : ) We're still sick here too and sending prayers your way!

jcbce said...

get well soon