Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How Smart is My Mommy ?

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
Anna Quindlen American Author and Journalist
A good friend of mine, Patty... sent me this quote ~
and I thought that it was a great starting point for this rambling post...!
During the day, I only have a short time that I am alone, but when I am I find myself stunned by the silence, and I wonder if the world has stopped just ... for me?!
For me being a mom is the best job I could ever have,
it fills me up and then overflows my heart!{not to mention the laundry basket and the counters with the dirty dishes!}
I just hope and pray that my kids see my constant attempts
to improve my parenting skills as a positive and GREAT work
Some of today's parenting skills went out the window,
I found myself telling Shane that he was
"Listening with his elbows" and he replied
He wasn't listening with his ears,because I was yelling at him.
Not to be .."outdone" by my 5 year old
I replied that I was only yelling because I was frustrated at him,
to which he ... quickly replied , Well, I'm angry and frustrated at you also!
Finally, I just said quietly
"Mommy is angry that you aren't listening and following directions, Mommy thinks that your elbows need to listen better."
Shane just looked at me and smiled and then laughed,
"Mommy what a funny mommy you are !"
--so did I win?
Nah... -- I just regrouped for the next round of How smart is my mommy?
The other day Shane and Jessica were asking questions about the remote controls and which ones were for what, I asked if they knew where their remote controls were ... and Shane looked so sincere when he said, that his remote control button had peanut butter on it.. I asked where the button was, and he just laughed, I said it must be on his belly button! more laughter followed!
So, anyway I just wanted to share a small slice of our life with all of you!
I may not be the VERY best parent, but I feel like I am the best for these kids right now!


childlife said...

I think that's all you can do - there is no 'winning' these things - just lots, and lots, and lots of regrouping : P

Caroline said...

Great regrouping! It's moments like those Shane will most likely remember and treasure...all the way into adulthood ; )

BTW, your blog is coming along wonderfully!

Stacey said...

Thanks so much for commenting, it's like I have an extra girlfriend or two who give me praise..!
I think any mommy, "staying at home" needs praise!
Even the mommies that work!