Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I have a confession to make, I like TV, ~
and sometimes I will not answer the phone--
so that I can watch my favorite shows~
  • The View
  • Oprah
  • Mystery Detectives
  • Good Morning America

I think that I could learn something from these shows, and I like to see other adults, talking in full sentences!

Yesterday, while watching Oprah, to discover that Jessica Seinfeld has a cookbook out.

Bummer --- the Oprah staff didn't do enough research... the cookbook was already created by Missy Chase Lapine, it's called the Sneaky Chef! www.TheSneakyChef.com

So, anyway, I already sent a note to Oprah, because she just needs...to know! [Even my husband who avoids all topics near Oprah, suggested that I send a note to Oprah and let her know !]

Jerry is off work today and out fishing for Salmon, hopefully he will come home with some fish!

Both Jessica and Shane are in the middle of fund raisers for school, so if you NEED, any popcorn,cookie dough,or coffee,coffee beans, and jerky-- Just let me know!

Jessica came home yesterday talking all about Meth~There will be a special TV show today, October 9th 7:30pm to 8pm . www.crystaldarkness.com (KCBY11,KEZI,KMTR16,KSLR/FOX,KPIC4,KEVU)

Talking with Jessica about Meth was interesting,and scary,~hopefully Jerry and I helped her to see that Meth doesn't do anything good for you and that it's illegal for many reasons. I just didn't think that this conversation would be happening when she is only in first grade!

I have a feeling it will be an on-going conversation, I just hope my words have meaning for both of the kids!

Thanks for reading!


melody is slurping life said...

I read about JS's cookbook online today and was thinking I had seen a similar cookbook somewhere. Way to tell Oprah.

About the meth talk at such young age, sad that we must do that, but we must.

Thanks for commenting at Slurping Life so that I found you.

~ Melody ~ said...

OOPS, actually you stopped by Wrapped Emotions (my other blog). I'm losing my mind. I'm thrilled you'll be joining our fun...we don't know what we're doing...but we have fun. :)