Monday, October 8, 2007

Word World...and other assorted things...

Both Jessica and Shane love this show Word World, we watch it on PBS... and it really is very cool... The animals that are in the show, are created by the letters in their names! It is a very visual way of learning and having fun!

Jerry is home from hunting, and the kids are happy.~ Since he didn't bring home a deer, he will go out to-morrow and see if he can catch some Chinook salmon.{As I type salmon, I can't stop thinking of Kelli Pickler, from American Idol...LOL!}

He came home with a beard, and both the kids and I requested that he shave ... immediately! -- which he did!

Shane doesn't like banana pudding-- isn't that weird?--- I even gave him some Vanilla wafers to dip in the pudding and he wasn't interested! Go figure...!

Why are there three types of parentheses?...(_){}[]

I must go, time for The View.... adult conversation! whooo hoooo!

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