Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hoping my behavior matches my beliefs !

Yep~  I've been away from blogging... 
I have been enjoying the quick and easy interaction with Face Book,
-- I have also not yet taught myself how to upload pictures from my Bloggie to Blogger.  

So, let's see-- My son Shane is now 10! I am so impressed with how mature and skilled he is getting at with his social interactions. He has come a long way. --and I am sure that since I just wrote this... that one day soon the proverbial other shoe will drop and he will get into trouble. :) But ... until then I am going to soak up this moment of positive parenting!  ha... take that FATE!  

My daughter Jessica, is now an  11 year old lady... enjoying 6th grade!  She is however, frustrated to find out that some of her classmates don't want to be at school to learn -- but instead want to be at school to chase boys, cause drama and discord.

My husband Jerry is also another year older-- and still in love with... ME! WOW, he is a good man this guy Jerry...  he has been working, fishing and hunting. He leaves to go hunting at the end of this month and I am praying hard that he comes home with something for the freezer.

Me... well.. I have also turned another year older, I had my broken uterus removed-- and I am so happy that I could burst into song... or at least sign up for a marathon,.-- :) 

I am finding out that, my life choices are mine own-- and I need to be happy with them--I don't need to worry about other people's opinions-- because their opinions are just that... "their opinions".  My kids and husband know me and love me for who I am and they just want me to be happy and healthy-- without... judgement.

I have about three sewing projects that I am working on... I have been helping out -- at the grade school.
I have been walking- with my daughter and sometimes my Aunt.  

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Anonymous said...

Stacey I love youuuuuu........and thank you cause you know I've missed your blogs....LOL! Me