Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Knowledge

I haven't been around... I have been knee deep in sewing, kids, laundry, dishes, drama, cooking and life.

 I do have some new insights for this new year...
--how I decide to feel about an issue can change~ how quickly I learn the lesson
---Learning something with pleasure is nice-- but sometimes it takes learning a lesson with pain, discomfort and drama to know that it was ME that needed the lesson.

----Prayer works, but praying for GOD's will is the prayer that seems to work fastest.  His Time, His Will -- and His path.... trusting in Him fills me with love, grace and gratitude.
Expectations are just that.... expectations. take 'em or leave 'em---
They aren't how things are supposed to be -- they are how we WANT them to be. 

Buying my son his DS was a smart thing, however how do I get him to un-plug from it quickly?

 Teaching my daughter to USE a pattern for things she creates is a challenge, especially when I like to be a rebel myself and not follow patterns.

I am SO very proud of the University of Oregon Ducks,who won the Rose Bowl ! 
 This weekend is our final Christmas Celebration and I am staying focused on having fun, and hearing all comments with patience and grace.

I'm finally 41- and while I'm not super excited - Things are GOOD.-- I may not be the size I wish to be... I may not have the size bank account  I would like... but I am finding I am less childish in dealing with drama-- I am learning that I don't have to let other peoples' stuff... affect how I want to feel.  And I love being married, to my husband who is getting better each year at this marriage thing! :)

May your New Year bring you good things, good lessons and happy memories! 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stace.....I want to say..."I told you sooooo"...LOL! I just had to. I love you so much. I just wanted to really remind you that I told you things got better after 40....! Somehow perspective matures especially after the kids get to the point where they are actually becoming real people and you actually have to think about your discussions with them in a more adultish fashion I think. Hey.. just think... we can have more adultish conversations too...bwahahahaha...! Oh... oops... that wasn't quite mature I guess. Happy New Year and I miss you Stace! Me