Saturday, December 10, 2011

We have been Busy.

 We have been busy around here lately...  Jerry and I got to have "date night" --although he had to work right after the party was over.   I have been super active as PTO president... we have had a fundraiser I think each month so far this year! Shane and Jessica have been doing well in school... a friend of ours shared her baby bunnies with Jessica. Shane did good at school and got a puzzle, pull back motion car as a reward.  Currently Jessica and I have head colds, and we have a weekend full of attending church three times, since Jessica is singing in the choir-- and I am in charge of the alterations for all the costumes...  BUSY....busy.


HennHouse said...

Good grief--I would say you're busy! I hope you're taking time to enjoy it all, too. As the mom of a teenager, I can tell you time goes way too fast.

Anonymous said...

I miss youuuuuu but I am so happy you are all doing things together. You all just crack me up Stace.....! I love you. Me