Sunday, October 24, 2010

Showers.... rain and baby

I love giving things to others....  Yesterday, I went to a baby shower-- and I got to give away some gifts that I had spent a bunch of time and love working on.  Jessica's teacher from last year is due to have a baby girl in December, and I made her a changing pad, some burp cloths,a small baby quilt and some baby toys.
It was weird and fun all at the same time.... Because I knew the mom to be, thru school there was a lot of the ladies from school there-- however I was the only parent (of one of her students) -- there were teachers, a secretary and an IA, there was also some family and then a wife of the husbands' co-worker.
The school people all knew me and who I was, but I was reluctant to sit with them--- I didn't want to end up talking about the kids and school --when clearly they were at this shower for the baby...  So , I sat with the lady who was connected to the father to be-- she had her daughter with her and so we all talked it was nice.
After a bit the some of the teachers came and sat at our table-- It was fun to hear the conversations -- they are a fun group of ladies...  I do hope that I was well-behaved :) 
There was a moment or two when I overheard a comment that made me think of my family--- and the baby showers I have had...

the picture of the "girl" holding the baby--- that happens to be a third grade teacher who is single and looking-- she sat and held that baby for quite a while during the shower... at first I thought it was just to be funny-- but then I think we all realized she was ENJOYING holding the baby!  I can't wait to see her in the future as a married mom....
I completely forgot to get any pictures of me with the mom to be and my gifts on my camera.... but I know the grandmother to be did get some-- so maybe I can borrow a picture from her...

The family of the mom to be--- was very creative-- and also skilled ~she got a heirloom handkerchief that had been made into a bonnet for the baby-- some really special quilts-- and even some quilts from when she was a baby-- It was lovely to see things given that had such meaning and love attached.

On another topic, Shane told me the other night at bedtime/tuck in time.... that he wanted to be like all the other kids at school-- I told him, he was and then he went on to say that he "wanted to have no rewards at school for good behavior,  only at home!"  Shane usually gets rewarded during the school day with some free time on the lap-top-- apparently the other kids have noticed-- The teacher has been really good about helping the other kids see Shane as needing a bit extra-- but not so that he looked WAY different. Now there is a new classmate that does NEED a lot of EXTRA and I guess Shane is being motivated by his peers to look more normal...  WOW--  His teacher and I talked about it and she was very impressed-- we agreed that if,on Monday it was still what Shane wanted~ then we would go with Shane's idea! 
I am very pleased with my son... yup!
 I think it's a combination of peer pressure, maturity and not being on the meds ~
seems to have changed how Shane behaves.  I also think that his teacher has been really clear about how she interacts with him-- and that helps Shane be able to predict her response to him.

My only complaint... the rainy season has begun... and I haven't gotten our family picture taken yet-- darn...
We are planning an outdoor picture with some really fun casual poses-- I guess we may have to rethink that -- or make plans to have an inside picture. 

Have a GREAT day !


Childlife said...

Sounds like Shane is doing fabulous! I'm so glad he got a good teacher this year -- he was due for one.

I'm so impressed how you manage to get so many sewing projects done -- my sewing machine has been sooooo neglected :(

Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyy Stace! I'm so happy for Shane and you! It will be interesting to see if Shane changes his mind down the road a bit. I can't wait to see how he does after the no reward system too! Keep us posted. Love you Stace! Me

Anonymous said...

that's an amazing observation for him - how great! In my son's preschool, they are actually going the other way. The kids are noticing that a few kids (like mine) are getting edible reinforcements for good behavior, so they will be asking all the parents if the kids can get treats. we'll see how that goes.
good luck getting your picture taken!

dotcomkari said...

Stopping by from the SPD network. i am their newest member. I can not wait to get to know your family better! I am now following your blog

Flo said...

you're such a great mother and friend! And now this..talent with needle and thread!!! Amazing girl!!
Ok..I'm off to dine with a friend at Denney's....yeah, I know..only the best resturants for ya! Flo