Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outdoor play pictures and a bit of change~

Shane was trying out the new to us coat that we got from our cousin Emily...  There was some talk about a snow cave-- 
(The weather was recently colder in the mornings and so the kids took advantage of the cold(er) weather to have some outdoor pretend play time.
Jessica was eating some blackberries while pretending to be in the snow...

Thanks to Kristi, I don't think I am nuts anymore... well at least for this topic...~
 I had noticed the floating photo bucket image... but I thought it was just something that my computer was doing to me... I finally took the time to click on the help button and while I think I have gotten rid of the image... I ended up changing things here --  It's not quite what I want, but I was messing around and I am not sure how to remove the floating image along with changing some things. --
 So for now.... unless ya' all complain... I'm leaving it as it is! :)

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