Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happenings here at our house

My dear husband went the other night to Urgent Care-- he had been having ear pain and he thought he might have swimmers ear. They pulled out a bunch of wax-- about the size of a pencil eraser. That was a few days ago-- This morning he was still in pain and one side of his face is slack.. his smile is lopsided... He went once again to Urgent Care-- he now has Bell's Palsy.  
At his work there is about 80 employees, of that eighty 5 have had Bell's palsy-- and all 5 are diabetic!   
This weekend Jerry is singing with his band Paradox to celebrate a birthday---
 Jerry says that ... aint nothin' gonna stop I guess it will be interesting to see how this show goes!

The kids have been happy to mostly hang out at home this week... we did go to the park for free lunch and it was AWESOME, Shane and Jessica were very well behaved -- but when it came time to leave-- I mentioned that I would love to reward the kids by stopping by our local store-- I wanted a soda... as a treat for myself--  Shane decided that he to be really demanding about what he wanted-- he started being insistent that I get him a CD that had video games on it.  Clearly...Shane was not listening when I tried to explain what a possible reward might be.  Finally, after feeling like I was fighting with a cloud... I said, Shane either you stop demanding in 5 seconds or no reward for anyone.   It took him more than 5 seconds to stop... so no one... not even Mommy got a reward. hum....
I don't know that he clearly understood the cause and effect of his words and behavior-- later that evening he wanted dessert.... (Daddy had brought home some ice cream) Shane was once again really rude about asking for dessert, he was also mouthing off with Jessica while she was trying to serve up the ice cream, I gave a warning and then I said ... that's enough... no dessert for either of you!  Jessica was not happy with me...(Shane went off to his room to cry)  but she was a bit part of the problem... she could of requested my help or asked Shane more forcefully to leave her alone.

Sometimes I think I need to kick my Mommy butt... so that I stop catering to my children -- but then sometimes I wonder am I expecting too much? Or are the kids ... taking me for a "ride"?
Parenting is such a flexible thing.... but I know that the kids need, and crave structure and rules-- It's hard to know if I am doing a good job... or if I am "mucking them all up!"  [recently I read a book, and the Author is from... across the Pond...]  :)

I am also in the middle of sewing 60 seat covers with pockets for the third grade teachers--so far,  I have sewn 5 ... but I am not going super fast -although ~I need to get off of here and get busy doing...something!


Kristi said...

I love the new look :)

I often have the same questions about when I am being too demanding or am I just trying to be consistent with discipline. My problem is that I always seem to have higher expectations than all the other moms, which means my kids get scolded more, which is not goo so I don;t really know what the answer is.

HennHouse said...

Wow! What a jam-packed post...

I think we all have moments when we wonder about our parenting style. When change an approach at the HennHouse, we make sure the kids know what we're doing and why.

Anonymous said...

The parenting dilemma (sp?)! I think this is quite normal Stace! At some point you just have to punt and do your best..LOL! No matter what you do at some point they will also blame you later too! Ahhhh! You all sound a bit claustrophibic which as I recall was also a part of the summer thing when the kids are home more.

I'm sorry about Jerry! Perhaps the bells palsy will all fade out and go away. I actually have a young friend in her 20s who had bells palsy last year out of the blue and it completely went away within 2 weeks. She is not diabetic. Strange thing it is. Yay for Jerry's attitude about it as well! I love you Stace! Hang in there. All will work out fine and I love you! Me

Anonymous said...

Parenting has been (still is) a constant judgment call. You are not alone. Barbara

Alysia said...

The blog looks great!
I had a friend whose husband had Bell's Palsy too (not diabetic) and he's doing fine now. People in his office had it too! So strange!
We've all been where you are - hang in there!