Saturday, August 21, 2010

Learning Lessons

I have been learning some lessons recently~
  • when taking the whole family to lunch,then Walmart, then grocery shopping-- make sure the ipod is FULLY charged before leaving.
    • Explaining why mommy can use the computer to watch YouTube videos ...without "earning them"   Shane has to earn time on the computer -- Mommy and I quote :"just gets to do what ever she wants without earning anything!"
    • Trying to purchase all the school supplies at one store, like Walmart is impossible!
I am also still trying to figure out if Shane needs his medication -- It seems that he is alot more flexible while on the medication, but that is my observation from the school year.(in comparison with now)
 Since we have been on summer break, I don't know if his behavior issues are because of the lack of routine-- or because he is having a harder time managing his SPD.  I also believe that because I am not able to drive is causing some attitude adjustments.  Usually, during the summer I try to take the kids to many different parks for the free lunch programs, the free family movies, the library  and the water spray parks-- this year we haven't done very much of that. We have also missed more church than I like--.

I am also trying to finish sewing the seat covers-- I have two sets of 30 to do and I am about 5 away from being done with the first set. {I should be sewing right now}

At the end of this month I have some appointments that will be challenging for me-- On the 30th of August, Jessica has her yearly check-up appointment with the kidney Dr. in PDX at Doernbechers. And then on the 31st, I have an appointment for my foot... to possibly get my map pins out of my foot-- and maybe... be released to drive.  Then the 1st of September is my 40th, the kids go back to school on September 8th.

I wonder why everything always ends up in a very small amount of -
 I wish these things could of been more spread out during the summer.


Anonymous said...

So much for getting bored or anything Stace! Hmmmmm, guess that didn't last but a moment. You'll make it. I remember those days and I know it'll all be over so fast you won't know what happened. I'm praying for you and the family and also about your decision for Shane. I suppose you could start school without and then if it appears he needs them you could then start him on them? Just thinking but I know you'll do the right thing my friend. Take a deep breath and remember to look for the good while you're running (in your case slowly) around. Sometimes I think God is reminding us to be patient by testing us with it all. Every time I remember to think on that when things are not going right I see something that makes me know that I am doing the right thing and that I needn't be stressed out and that I am the one causing those feelings and I can control them. Sorry that was lengthy but I think you know what I mean. You always do...LOL! I love you Stace. Me

HennHouse said...


And what great lessons... I'm confident you'll come to the right answer on Shane's medication. We deal with different issues, but we never take the boys off of their medication. The way I look at it, I wouldn't take them off insulin for the summer if they were diabetic, so I don't take them off their ADHD, allergy, and asthma medicine either.

missykade said...

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